Vitor Sobral

Executive Chef.

Chef Vítor Sobral is one of the great references of the national cuisine. Known for his unique way of interpreting and modernizing traditional portuguese dishes, he is a master at conserving seasonings and flavors typical from Portugal. Born in 1967, south of the Tagus River, he feasts on the roots of the coast of Alentejo’s flavors. His professional life lead him through the most known restaurants to the present, where he owns his restaurants Tasca da Esquina and Peixaria da Esquina in Lisbon. In these two spaces, Portugal is served with a generous dose of inspiration and innovation.Tasca da Esquina creates a bridge between Portugal and Brazil with a presence in S. Paulo, but it doesn’t stop here, because recently it opened in Luanda as well.As recognition for his efforts, gift and talents, Chef Vítor Sobral was awarded in March 2016, among many others prizes, the degree of Comendador da Ordem do Indante D. Henrique. He is also a Gastronomical Consulter Chef of many prestigious brands such as TAP, Vista Alegre, Silampos, Oliveira da Serra, Norge, Vinhos Paulo Laureano, and many others, working with several restaurants as well.Apart from all of this, his will to share knowledge with Portugal, in the shape of education or books, still prevails.