Peixaria da Esquina, the new project from Grupo Vítor Sobral was born from the old brewery and restaurant Cervejaria da Esquina. The concept marinated for several years in the creative minds of Vitor Sobral, Hugo Nascimento and Luís Espadana, and opened at the event Peixe em Lisboa in 2011. Today, Peixaria da Esquina still shares AND with the original Cervejaria da Esquina fusing the best seafood and national fish in a unique place and environment.

“Fish was always present at Cervejaria da Esquina’s menu, but it never was it’s strongest bet. Marinated or curated fish and shellfish would frequently make their way in and out of the menu. Many of our costumers demanded fish. Listening to them was a way of progressing. At Peixaria da Esquina we took on that concept for good and now we provide our costumers with the best fish in the world. We want to improve the presence of fish, something that we didn’t use to do. Plus, with the international recognition of our fish, this concept seemed broader and adjustable to be replicated in different markets around the world.”

Vítor SobralExecutive Chef

At Peixaria da Esquina you’ll find the original Tuna Steak, the true Prepared Edible Crab, seared scallops, passion fruit and chives, “açordas” (bread panadas), and the traditional cataplana. But there are also many novelties. Highlighting marinated fish, where the mackerel, the sea bass, the gilthead bream and tuna, reflect the full spectrum of the Portuguese cuisine with some notes of citrus.

Curated fish shine and reveal their unique and intense flavours. Inspired by a millennial technic of conservation called salmoura, fish presents itself as the sea smoked ham, accompanying pickles and an almond emulsion. Another novelty is grilled fish. Simple, with salt flower and grilled vegetables, they are the perfect choice for those who seek the true flavour of the sea. Too keep it fresh, everyday the Chef suggests new things. A place where creativity has room to breath, aiming to surprise everyone who visits us by being different. But, not everything we catch is a fish…

As it should be, all the Portuguese wines were handpicked in order to guarantee the highest wine/food harmony. The wine menu allows you to travel to the north and south of Portugal by tasting the best of what we have to offer. Mineral whites, fruited greens and young reds are all available, as well as the most premium for those with exquisite taste.

Finally, experience forms the atmosphere. The norm of Esquina is informal and relaxed, allowing sharing emotions and pleasure to gain a new meaning. The Portuguese marble is a reference to the practice of fishing and to the menu’s king, Fish. The restaurant was redesigned and decorated by the architects duo Sofia Duarte e João Mota, also responsible for the national and international projects of our Esquina.

“A renovation inspired by fishing and the people of the sea. We collected stories and personal objects of the fishermen from Sesimbra. Some of these objects, that decorate the restaurant, were actually used in the fishing ships for years. Wee sought to keep the harmony of the place, while keeping some of the codes, universal to the projects that make the core of Esquina’s projects.”

João Mota & Sofia DuarteEsquina's Architects