Luís Espadana

Executive Chef.

One of the creators of the “Esquinas” concept, Luís Espanada has a vast experience as a cook, food stylist and trainer in several events and workshops. Since he was young he developed a close relation with nature, both with animals and vegetables. He always tried to understand and identify the meaning of every herb, it’s aromas and uses.You could frequently find him catching them for his mother and grandmother to cook, where Luís would play the role of an excellent observer.With his grandfather, who was a hunter in his free time, Espadana got interested in animals and how to prepare them. Curiosity guided him to make the most important decision of his life and study culinary. When the time for learning was over, lady luck knocked on his door as he started an internship at the same restaurant that Vítor Sobral commanded. Together they allowed their combined experience to stand out and shine as a team. The knowledge that today he applies in the kitchen predates the product itself. It comes from the traditional knowledge of his hometown and the life of the animal kingdom. Today he is spread a little all over “Esquina”’s world, but it is in Tasca da Esquina in São Paulo that he spends most of his time. Luís Espadana is above everything else, an ace at seasoning and a master of high temperatured weapons, pots and pans.