Hugo Nascimento

Executive Chef.

Hugo Nascimento was born in 1976 in Lisbon. Since and early age his vocation was, or so he thought, architecture. But life wanted otherwise, and in the summer of 1996, with the goal of saving money to travel he ended up working at Café Café, a restaurant coordinated by the young Chef Vítor Sobral. At that time, Vítor Sobral was starting his bright career that would consecrate him as one of the great Chefs of Modern Portuguese Cuisine. Leadership, justice, surprising creativity with never before seen combinations of products, use of innovative cooking technics, management capabilities and team spirit got the best out of him and he became one with the kitchen. Since that moment he’s been a part of Chef Vítor Sobral’s team and in 2004 he assumes for the first time the role of Chef in the kitchen of the emblematic Restaurante Terreiro do Paço, a project that scared him for the responsibilities he took on, under the teachings of his master. In his career he points out several moments as crucial to his growth, like the Expo 2000 in Hanouver, in Montreal at Ferreira Café in 2001, Macau in 2003 and many others. At the early stages of his career, all the international experiences are always enriching and fundamental for his professional growth. Today, and since June 2008, he is leading Tasca da Esquina, a restaurant that he shaped, together with the rest of the team, and embodies the passion for national products and gastronomy. Every day, this house is filled with respect for our flavours and that makes it a mandatory stop in Lisbon. Hugo Nascimento’s everyday life has become a reflection of his creativity: the dynamics of the restaurant make him start a 6 in the morning and finish late at night. This is the only possible way to manage Peixaria da Esquina, a project in which he is also a part of, and that seeks to highlight the consumption of one of the countries greatest riches, seafood and fish. Nowadays, the Chef is an architect of ideas, a natural creative who dedicates his days to bring life and harmony to each of the elements that make a dish.