peixaria da esquina

The sea only gives us the best. Our food has Portuguese soul, an ocean of tasteful discoveries.


And dive into a sea of flavors


Freshness, creativity and tradition. These are the thoughts that guide our kitchen. You will find all the sea offers us in our restaurant: the original tuna “prego”, the real crab shell, the seared scallops with a passion fruit emulsion, our so traditional “açordas” and of course the delightful “cataplanas”.
But for us that is not enough. We also highlight the best marinated fishes, like horse mackerel, sea bream and tuna, all raw, prepared according to the Portuguese cuisine matrix, with distinct citrus notes.
On the other hand, we still make space for the intense flavored cured fish. Preserved using an ancient technique – a brine, they are similar to a sea ham.
But our menu would not be complete without the charcoal grill. The tasteful simplicity of a grilled fish is amazing and the perfect way to savor the sea.
This is still not enough because in our kitchen there are great wines to taste. We have a very good selection to pair perfectly with all meals.
Visit us, our proposal is simple:
Taste the best fish in the world.


We cook! So far so good…
The kitchen is made from many things, conceptualizes, develops, defines and adapts to fads. Some people even call it a science. If we embraced definitions, our kitchen would fit the concept of contemporary Portuguese cuisine.
Fancy, right?…
Being fashionable is the same as being Portuguese.


Heroes and conquerors are born from the roots of a nation. The creators, curious and restless. True fighters who don’t care how far the horizon is. Those who venture to far places, traveling unknown oceans. Without fear, in 2011 we arrive in Brazil. We have also made it to Africa but the journey is long. The route is set. Let’s follow the soul of the past, which guides us to a dream in the future.

Visionaries? Probably not.

100% Portuguese.


Tuesdays to fridays

19h00 - 23h30

saturdays, sundays and holidays

12h30 - 15h30, 19h30 - 23:30



If you enjoy good surprises and delightful gastronomic experiences, let the chef treat you. Prepare yourself to be surprised with the tasting menu, and each portion will give your palate a magic moment.

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